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The Fair of Muff

12 Lúnasa, 9rn - 6in

  • Muff Cross
  • Kingscourt
  • Co. An Cabhán

The ancient Fair of Muff was a Celtic festival connected with the Loughanleagh Festival of Lunasa. A famous horse-fair was held there on August 12th and has continued annually since.

With the Fair falling on Saturday this year, and within National Heritage Week, we look forward to welcoming visitors from near and far to experience the pageantry of the ‘Fair of Muff’. See and hear horse traders exchanging bids and horses at the old ‘Horse Shoe’, and all kinds of street vendors selling their wares along the laneways.

At the Rock of Muff, visitors can try their hand at fair games representing the old “Penny Toss” and “Skittles”, while in the festival bar close by, the dancing deck and music will provide visitors with plenty of entertainment!

Tuilleadh Eolais

Loughanleagh & Muff Heritage Trust

Foghlaim níos mó faoin eagraitheoir

Léigh Tuilleadh