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Show and Tell Week with our Walled Garden Volunteers

14 - 17 Lúnasa, 12in - 4in

  • Strokestown Park House Visitor Centre.
  • Strokestown Park House
  • F42 H282
  • Co. Ros Comáin

During Heritage Week, our Walled Garden’s Volunteers will be onsite every day to welcome curious visitors into their little piece of heaven. Working alongside our full-time gardener this team of 20 volunteers freely give of their time to maintain Strokestown Park's Gardens.

An important element of what our volunteers do, is the continuation food production in the kitchen garden – a practice that has been taking place within the walls for nearly 300 years. Old cultivating methods and hand tools are used, with no automation. Crops include wheat, oats, berries, currants, apples, pears, squash, courgettes, onions, parsnips, beetroot and tomatoes. While hundreds of years old, many of the fruit trees are still producing.

The Walled Gardens at Strokestown Park House were originally created 1740, as one large vegetable garden. Now, the 6 acres comprises a Pleasure Garden, as well as a Vegetable Garden, 3 glass houses and an Exhibition Space containing garden tools once used by the garden staff. We welcome conversation and contribution, and exchange of ideas and interests.

Access to the Gardens is included in a general admission ticket and is free to Irish Heritage Trust members.

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