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Hammers and Steel. Open day at the Forge. Irish traditional blacksmithing skills at work

17, 24 Lúnasa, 10rn - 5in

  • St Judes, West End, Banteer, Co Cork
  • P51 R7W9
  • Co. Corcaigh - Contae

An open day at the PPP Forge in Banteer, Co. Cork.
We are the last remaining forge in North Cork, dedicated to traditional blacksmithing, along with Ragnar Cherrie, who is Irelands last remaining coppersmith and tinker.

We invite you to an open day at our Blacksmithing forge, where you can pop in, and see us working and learn about the traditional processes and skills involved in blacksmithing, as would have been practiced in local forges in every parish, throughout the country.

While the event is autism friendly, there will be loud noises at times while hammer work is carried out at the anvil.

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