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Bishop James Doyle And Education Upload

Bishop James Doyle and Education

18 Lúnasa, 7in - 8:30in

Delany Archive Trust

  • Co. Ceatharlach

The Delany Archive is delighted to hold an online lecture on the topic of education during the episcopate of Dr James Doyle, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin (1819-1834). This lecture is part of Heritage Week.

The speaker is Dr Thomas McGrath, Registrar and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Carlow College, St Patrick’s. Dr McGrath has written extensively on Bishop Doyle.

This lecture coincides with a project being undertaken by the Delany Archive to conserve, digitise and publish online Kildare & Leighlin documents relating to an inquiry into Irish education in 1824. The project is generously supported by a Heritage Council grant. This event also offers a preview of the project.

Detailed information about schools was collected during the 1824 inquiry e.g. names and qualifications of teachers, curriculum and books used, and number and religious denomination of pupils. The inquiry took place during Bishop Doyle’s episcopate, and we have him to thank for the survival of documents describing schools in over 30 Kildare & Leighlin parishes. Bishop Doyle requested copies be created and kept locally, and it is understood that the originals submitted to the inquiry were destroyed in the Public Record Office fire of 1922.

Léigh Tuilleadh

Léigh Tuilleadh