100 Event Ideas for Heritage Week 2018

Do you want to organise a Heritage Week event this August?  Join over 1,200 other event organisers in sharing and celebrating Ireland's cultural, built and natural heritage!

Heritage Week will take place from 18-26 August 2018 is a highlight of Ireland’s celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This initiative by the European Commission and coordinated in Ireland by the Heritage Council aims to involve all citizens in events that help to deepen the connection between people and heritage.

We are exploring this theme by asking you to 'Share A Story, Make A Connection'. It is your chance to share heritage stories in new ways, with new people. Everyone from young people to new arrivals to Ireland to retired people can get involved and share your stories. We want everyone to have the chance to connect with their heritage; to enjoy, appreciate and share it.

What to get involved as an event organiser? Take a look at this list of 100 event ideas to spark your imagination!

Event registration is open from 1 May 2018.

Registration for the printed event guide will close on 31 May while event registration for the website listings will remain open until August. The printed event guide is distributed across Ireland to OPW sites, museums, libraries, local authorities, selected hotels and tourist offices.  Your event will also be included in a county event guide where available.

100 Event Ideas for Heritage Week 2018


Share a story and make a connection on Water Heritage Day Sunday 26th August.

Irish people are traditionally great story tellers, you could say it’s in our DNA.  Stories, legends and folklore passed down through generations are an integral part of our heritage.  As an island nation, many of these stories relate to the seas that surround us and the rivers and lakes that connect us. Sharing stories is important, as it helps relive them in the present and preserve them for the future. The theme of Heritage Week 2018 is ‘Share a story, make a connection’ which fits well with the celebration of water on Heritage Day.   

Water Heritage Day on Sunday 26th August is an ideal opportunity to get outside and discover the natural and built heritage of your local waters, like rivers, lakes, wells and coastal areas. The Waters & Communities Office in collaboration with the Heritage Council is supporting and promoting community events across the country that will bring people together during heritage week to share stories and memories of times gone by and to explore the magic and mystery of life in and along our waters.

For details of Water Heritage Day events in your local area check out heritageweek.ie and for contact details of your local Community Water Officer visit watersandcommunities.ie.

And remember, always respect water and be safe!