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National Heritage Week 2022

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The Heritage Council is delighted to announce that National Heritage Week 2022 will take place from Saturday, 13th August to Sunday, 21st August 2022.

Last year, in response to public health guidelines relating to COVID-19, National Heritage Week continued with a hybrid model, inviting heritage enthusiasts to create both digital projects and organise small in-person events. Project organisers met this challenge with great innovation and creativity, producing over 1000 heritage projects — ensuring that National Heritage Week remained a vibrant celebration of Ireland’s heritage. You can search the full collection of the outstanding 2021 projects here.

This year, the Heritage Council is delighted to welcome the full return of in-person events, as well as continuing to showcase digital heritage projects, which proved so popular over the last two years.

National Heritage Week 2022 is all about engaging with heritage to create a more resilient world, enhancing sustainability and biodiversity.

National Heritage Week projects can involve creating something new, such as developing research about a particular place in your locality, organising a new community event or developing an oral history collection. Projects can also involve revisiting or building on a heritage project that you have already worked on, such as showcasing research you have carried out on a monument, waterway or traditional skill, and finding new ways to grow awareness of it.

Event descriptions and completed digital projects can be uploaded via the Organisers’ Portal soon; keep an eye out for more information. The last day to submit a project to the National Heritage Week website will be Tuesday, 23rd August. For those creating in-person events, the deadline to submit your event description for an opportunity to be promoted in local media is Wednesday, 6th July, though events may be submitted after this date.

Sustainable heritage

National Heritage Week 2022 invites organisers to consider how we can conserve our rich built, cultural and natural heritage and how that can contribute to developing a more sustainable future. How can we connect with the skills and traditions of the past and pass them to the next generation? Can you research a particular part of Irish history to shed light on Irish society today? Is there a craft that has been passed down in your family or community that you can promote, such as thatching, tin-smithing, native plant foraging or traditional dancing? Preserving both tangible and intangible heritage plays an important part in keeping our culture alive and vibrant.


In a world in which climate change is becoming more and more apparent, National Heritage Week 2022 invites organisers to encourage greater appreciation of the natural world, to look at the variety of plant and animal life in their locality, and conserve native species and natural landscapes. Can you get involved in the protection of indigenous plants and animals in your locality? Do you or does someone you know engage with sustainable farming practices? Can you contribute to urban greening or gardening? Increasing awareness about our local environment and taking actions to protect biodiversity are key to preserving our natural heritage.

Themed days

National Heritage Week will also see the continued celebration of themed heritage days, when project organisers can develop specific themed activities.

On Wild Child Day, The Heritage Council encourages kids and families to make the most of the outdoors to explore the heritage in their locality and beyond. This year’s Wild Child Day will take place on Saturday, 20th August.

Water Heritage Day
will take place on Sunday, 21st August as a collaboration between The Heritage Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme. As an island nation, our history and heritage have been shaped by the sea and the great Irish rivers, lakes and wetlands. Water Heritage Day will highlight projects that celebrate water and our connections with it.

Stay tuned for more information about how to upload your project and about awards. For now, check out last year’s Heritage Award winners and local authority winners!