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Water Heritage Day

Water Heritage Day is held in partnership with the Local Authority Waters Programme. As an island nation, our history and our heritage have been shaped by the sea and the great Irish rivers, lakes and wetlands. Water Heritage Day celebrates water throughout Ireland, its history and heritage and our connections with it.

National Heritage Week Water Heritage Day is happening on Sunday, 25th August. This year we are really excited to see the full return of in-person events as well as continuing with digital projects which were so popular over the last two years. Water Heritage Day is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate water as an integral part of our natural heritage as well as a vital part of our future. It also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of water and water quality to our daily lives and consider what more we can do to conserve this valuable resource.

National Heritage Week organisers will be hosting a range of water heritage events and projects on this day, such as boat tours, river walks, marine biodiversity talks and children’s workshops. If you would like to create a Water Heritage Day event or project, register as an organiser and perhaps draw inspiration from the Local Authority Waters Programme’s many resources.

Revisit this page during the summer to learn about some of the Water Heritage Day events and projects that will be happening during National Heritage Week.