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Tips for organising your event

Explore the National Heritage Week collection of videos and webinars for organisers with tips on how to organise your own National Heritage Week event.

Previous Presentations

Presentations from our training & networking days that took place recently are now available to view below. These sessions provide practical information and advice on how you can develop an event or digital project for National Heritage Week

An Introduction to National Heritage Week 2023

A guide to National Heritage Week 2023. This presentation is a overall guide to National Heritage Week. Explore the theme of Living Heritage, what it means and the type of events and activities that would fit into the category of Living Heritage.

  • Learn what Living Heritage is
  • Get an overview of National Heritage Week 2023
  • Understand what skills, crafts and traditions are examples of Living Heritage

How to submit an event/project on heritageweek.ie

A quick and simple guide on uploading your event or digital project to National Heritage Week website; heritageweek.ie

  • Learn how to create an account on heritageweek.ie
  • Find out the assets you need to upload an event or project
  • Get tips on using heritageweek.ie to find events to attend

Support from your Local Heritage Officer

The Chair of the Heritage Officer Network and Heritage Officer for Offaly County Council, Amanda Pedlow shares what support organisers can receive from their local Heritage Officer.

  • Find out what Heritage Officers do
  • Discover what supports are available for event organisers
  • See what funding Heritage Officers can offer

Water Heritage Day

Water Heritage Day takes place on Sunday 20th August and celebrates our rivers, lakes, canals and other waterways. Here Cathal Flood from the Local Authority Water Programme (LAWPRO) explores what Water Heritage Day is and how you can take part in running an event.

  • See example of previous events of Water Heritage Day
  • Learn how LAWPRO can support your event for Water Heritage Day
  • Discover how to best plan your Water Heritage Day event

Wild Child Day

Wild Child Day takes place on Saturday 19th August 2023. Wild Child Day celebrates natural heritage and encouraging children to explore the outdoors. Here Lorcan Scott, Wildlife Officer from National Heritage Week guides you through Wild Child Day.

  • Discover what is Wild Child Day
  • See suggestion for events for Wild Child Day
  • Get tips on resources that you can use for a Wild Child Day event

Running Events in Irish

National Heritage Week every year encourages organisers to celebrate the Irish language. In 2023 this is particularly encouraged as Irish Language is part of our Living Heritage. Here Cathy Connelly, Corporate Services Officer and Irish Language Officer at the Heritage Council shares how you can create and promote events in the Irish Language.

  • Get ideas for events in the Irish Language
  • Learn the importance of encouraging the use of the Irish Language
  • Discover the background of the Irish Language Act

Communicating and Promoting Your Event

Pearse O'Caoimh, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at the Heritage Council share some tips on promoting your event for National Heritage Week and how to work with local media to highlight your event.

  • Get 9 tips on promoting your events
  • Discover how to best manage audience and sign-ups.
  • learn how to write a good Press Release

A Guide to Bringing Sustainability to Events and Projects

What is sustainability in the context of National Heritage Week? Here Catherine Casey, Head of Heritage & Climate Change shares some tips on running a sustainable event for National Heritage Week.

  • Learn how to plan a sustainable event
  • Understand what you should be thinking about for a sustainable event
  • Discover the sustainability guideline and checklists that you can use

The National Heritage Week Awards and Heritage Hero

Each year, National Heritage Week host an awards event celebrating all aspects of National Heritage Week and the effort put in by organisers. Here in this presentation, Ronan Healy, Project Manager, National Heritage Week, explains what the Awards are about and how you can take part.

  • Learn what National Heritage Week Awards are
  • Find out how you can nominate for a National Heritage Week Award
  • Discover when the Awards open and how to take part

More Inspiration

Looking for more guidance and ideas for National Heritage Week? See the National Heritage Week YouTube Channel for more resources and videos.