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Wild Child Day

Wild Child Day has been a really popular part of National Heritage Week since its inception. We are really excited this year as we return to in person events and children across the country will have the opportunity to get outside to enjoy and explore the heritage and biodiversity in their locality. This year Wild Child Day takes place on Saturday, 20th August to facilitate as many children and families as possible to get involved.

Wild Child Day encourages children to look at the world around them differently, to open their eyes to the diverse beauty of the landscape in their area and to get out and explore their locality or even farther afield. On this day, why not visit somewhere you haven’t been before or go somewhere you know well and look at it differently. If you are on holidays in Ireland maybe look at an aspect of the local heritage that differs from where you live.

Organisers will be hosting in-person events and creating digital heritage projects for children, from nature scavenger hunts to storytelling sessions to craft workshops.

Thinking about organizing a Wild Child Day event? Create your own or use an idea from our 100 Event Ideas list under the Sustainable Families section. Maybe you live in an area popular with visitors. Can you organize a Wild Child Day event to showcase your area to visiting children? Register as an organiser, get creative and have fun!

Revisit this page during the summer to learn about some of the many Wild Child events and projects that will be happening during National Heritage Week.