Beekeeping: Medieval to Modern

Beekeeping: Medieval to Modern

21 August, 12pm - 1pm

  • Office of Public Works @ Ennis Friary Heritage Site
  • OPW Heritage Site at Ennis Friary, Abbey Street, Ennis
  • Co. Clare

We believe that the early friars in Ennis were bee keepers – join us to hear Banner Beekeepers talk on this ancient practice and the transition from skep hives to moveable frame hives.

In ancient Ireland, beekeeping was so important that there was a complete list of Brehon laws dedicated to beekeeping, called ‘Bechbretha’. In folklore bees are spoken of as a member of the family and must be told all news, good or bad. This notion of ‘telling the bees’ was considered very important as they were regarded as messengers of the gods to many in ancient Europe. Come and learn a little about these fascinating and valuable pollinators at the 13th century Friary in Ennis.

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  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Partial)
  • No Car Parking Available

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