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Water Heritage Day

Water Heritage Day Mulkear River Annacotty No 1

Water Heritage Day is Sunday 25th August and is a collaboration between The Heritage Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme to celebrate water and our connections with it.

This year’s theme Pastimes | Past Times is an opportunity to recall great stories, songs, crafts, sports and other activities associated with your local river, lake, canal or coast. Why not organise a trip to discover a holy well, a wildlife walk along a river, lake or coast, or a talk exploring the built and cultural heritage of your local waterway.

As an island nation, our history and our heritage have been shaped by the sea and the great Irish rivers, lakes and wetlands. Stories, songs and poems passed down through generations have preserved deep-rooted traditions and connections with water.

Cities, towns and villages developed along our coast because of access to the sea, deep water ports and river estuaries for trade and transport. Fishing has supported rural communities and ensured a steady supply of fish for table and market. In fact, as a nation we owe a great deal to our natural waters and the myriad of wildlife they support.

The Local Authority Waters Programme works with local authorities, public bodies, stakeholders and local communities to protect, maintain and improve water quality in our natural waters.

If you need any assistance from your local Community Water Officer, you can contact them here.

Coordinated by the Heritage Council, National Heritage Week is Ireland’s most popular cultural event and in 2019 half a million people are expected to participate in over 2,200 heritage events. National Heritage Week is part of European Heritage Days which promote Europe’s common cultural heritage.