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Virtual Heritage Week events

Project organisers have been working over recent months to make sure National Heritage Week 2020 is as engaging as ever.

All week there are virtual events taking place throughout the country, exploring the National Heritage Week sub-themes. Visit the Project 2020 page to relearn skills from our past, discover the heritage on your doorstep, and explore the heritage of education in Ireland.

Here we have picked a small selection of what’s happening this year:

Cork Heritage Open Day goes virtual, Cork

Saturday, 15th August – Sunday, 23rd August.

Cork Heritage Open Day is taking place virtually and Cork City Council invites the public to explore many of the buildings usually open for this event. The website will feature more than 40 new subtitled videos of archival footage of Cork and guided tours of historic and heritage buildings in the city. Find out more…

Celebrating Dublin's built heritage, Dublin

Saturday, 15th August – Sunday, 23rd August.

The Irish Georgian Society and Dublin City Council partnered to curate a series of 12 free online talks celebrating aspects of Dublin’s built heritage. The lectures are broad in their subject matter, addressing themes ranging from domestic life in the Victorian house, 20th century concrete architecture, Georgian speculative development, industrial heritage, Masonic philanthropic endeavours, Tractarian church architecture, and an exploration of an exhibition of Dublin's architectural fragments, to name a few. Find out more…

Virtually explore Derry's most iconic landmark building, Exhibitions and Collections, Co Derry

Saturday, 15th August – Sunday, 23rd August.

A series of virtual tours will be made available to the public during National Heritage Week, exploring the history and heritage of the famous Derry City Walls; Strabane - the Fair River Valley; and the iconic Guildhall in the heart of Derry City. Find out more...

Heritage talk: “The Donegal Railway”, Co Donegal

Wednesday, August 19th at 7pm.

Mark McDaid, Chair of Donegal Railway Heritage Centre, will give a talk about the history of the unique Donegal railway. There will also be an update on the planned restoration of Drumboe and its future return to Donegal Station. Find out more…

Rock of Cashel Lecture with Dr Patrick Gleeson, Co Tipperary

Thursday, 20th August.

Hear Dr Patrick Gleeson discuss 'The Rock of Cashel in the Middle Ages: new light on the ancient capital of Munster'. Dr Gleeson is a native of Nenagh, Tipperary, and is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at Archaeology and Palaeoecology, in the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast. The lecture will take place on Zoom. Find out more…

Irish botanical mythology, Co Kilkenny

Friday, 21st August at 3pm

Award-winning craftsperson and member of the Glass Society of Ireland, Emma Bourke, will reflect on why Irish botanical mythology inspires her work.
Niall MacCoitir, author of the Myths, Legends & Folklore series will share his expertise on botanical mythology. Mary Pyke, head gardener at Rothe House, Kilkenny, will also join to discuss the history & restoration of Rothe House urban garden, referencing 17th century archaeological excavation finds. Find out more…

What did the Irish eat before potatoes? by Susan Callaghan, Co Westmeath

Saturday, 22nd August, 1pm.

Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Viscountess Susannah of York will present a podcast on the types of food eaten in the Middle Ages by the Irish in the countryside outside the wall of Athlone, and the diet of the castle inhabitants and townspeople. She will explore the interesting differences in the diets of the various inhabitants of town and countryside and how it reflected a person’s social status. This podcast will include some Medieval recipes that can be tried in your own home. Find out more…

Webinar: Costumes and customs: Women’s lives in the early 1800s (as part of the Ellen Hutchins Festival), Co Cork

Saturday, 22nd August at 2pm – 3.30pm.

Hear and see historical re-enactor, Carrie O’Flynn, suitably dressed in a period costume of her own making, explaining (mainly) elite dress of the early 1800s and manners/customs relevant to the period. Carrie has been working with the Ellen Hutchins Festival on costume research to enhance the understanding of the life and times of Ellen Hutchins (1785-1815), botanist and botanical artist of Bantry Bay, West Cork. This event is featured in the image above. Find out more…

Loughrea Virtual Medieval Festival, Co Galway

Sunday, 23rd August 2020 at 1pm.

The award-winning Loughrea Medieval Festival has been in existence since 2013. This year the festival is online. Explore the 30+ videos, activities, and podcasts celebrating the Festival. Find out more…