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National Heritage Week Training & Networking Days

NHW23 TD Eventbrite

National Heritage Week will convene two Training & Networking Day events in April. Learn how these events can benefit you as a National Heritage Week event organiser.

After three years of virtual training events, The Heritage Council is pleased to announce that in April 2023, two training & networking events will take place. These events are aimed for anyone who is thinking about organising a National Heritage Week event. The events take place on 20th April at the Talbot Hotel Clonmel in Co.Tipperary and 27th April at the Tullamore Court Hotel in Co. Offaly. Each event will feature the same schedule of speakers so you can choose which location is most convenient to you.

What Will I learn?

The National Heritage Week Training & Networking Day events will give you the opportunity to meet fellow organisers from across the county and share and collaborate on your plans for National Heritage Week 2023.

Each event will feature talks from experts in the field of Heritage. You will get expert advice with practical tips on various topics such as:

  • How to promote your event
  • How to use sustainable practise for your event
  • How to reach different communities and/or make you event more diverse
  • How to use heritageweek.ie to upload your events
  • Learn about the National Heritage Week themed days
  • What is Living Heritage and how to create events around the theme of Living Heritage

Guest Speakers and More

The Training & Networking Day events will also feature guest speakers who will speak on the topic of Living Heritage. At Clonmel, Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín will explore cultural heritage through hidden treasures of folk-song & folk music and folk traditions in the archives. In Tullamore Professor Paul Rouse will talk about Sport, History and Heritage.

In addition some of National Heritage Week partners will extend to showcase what they do and give you an opportunity to connect with them. Plus there will be more surprises in store!

For more on National Heritage Week Training & Networking days and to register for the event, go to the event page here.

Explore the Schedule

Have a browse of the upcoming schedule for both Training & Networking days.