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National Heritage Week 2024: Time to get on board!

NO FEE 1 Heritage Week launch

National Heritage 2024 is officially happening with heritageweek.ie now open for submissions for events and projects.

National Heritage Week celebrates its 19th year in 2024 with the theme of "Connections, Routes and Networks". The Heritage Council calls on heritage newcomers, enthusiasts and experts of all ages across Ireland to focus on "Connections, Routes & Networks" when registering in-person events and digital projects for inclusion as part of National Heritage Week 2024. Organised by the Heritage Council, National Heritage Week will run from Saturday, 17th August — Sunday, 25th August, and has become one of Ireland’s largest cultural events.

Connections, Routes and Networks

This year's theme "Connections, Routes and Networks" celebrates how we connect to each other, the links between people and communities. These could be physical
routes such as roads, paths, boreens, rivers, pilgrim paths, rail tracks and canals. They may symbolise journeys undertaken to farm and to conquest, to trade and to discover, and to seek out new adventures.

What events or projects can I register?

You can register any type of event or project for National Heritage Week

The Heritage Council has created a 101 Event Ideas guide which will help event organisers get started. In-person events may consist of walking tours, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, craft workshops or other interactive activities. Digital project formats may vary from online talks or exhibitions, to videos, podcasts, presentations or blogs, a dedicated website or social media account.

What do I need to know before registering an event?

Before you register your event make sure you consult the guidelines for National Heritage Week events and projects. Consult the event and project policy here.

All events and projects must demonstrate the following:

  1. Heritage value: Events and projects must clearly promote at least one specific aspect of natural, cultural or built heritage.
  2. Awareness / educational value: Events and projects must have a clear awareness-raising or educational value, helping people to engage with, or find our more about our heritage.
  3. Interpretation capacity: Events and projects which are commemorative in nature should be based on fact and present a balanced view or both sides (and must not condone harm brought to others).

Once you are happy your event meets the Heritage Council criteria, make sure you have all the information for the event/project to hand to register it.

How to register an event

To register an event, navigate to the organisers portal. If you are already registered as a event organiser, you can login. If not, you will need to create an account.

Once logged in and in your organisers portal, select "An event" or "A digital heritage project" under Submit your event details.

Follow the instructions for each part of the registration process. When you are done click on submit to submit your event.


If you need any help or resources for your event or digital project, make sure to check out our resources page which has guides to creating projects and event support materials that might inspire you for your own National Heritage Week event.

Spread the Word

Finally make sure to share your event through social media, use #heritageweek2024 to spread the word about your National Heritage Week event.