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National Heritage Week 2023

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Join us in celebrating Ireland's heritage from 12th - 20th August 2023. This year you can take part by hosting an event, creating a project or simply attending a National Heritage Week event.

Throughout the eight days of the event, communities, individuals and organisations will be running events throughout the country celebrating our natural, built and cultural heritage.

In 2022, National Heritage Week featured over 1,800 events as it saw a return to in-person events across Ireland. Events took place in every county hosted by enthusiasts sharing their love for heritage. For this year, there is a new theme and a new avenue to explore, share and celebrate Ireland's heritage.

Living Heritage

The theme for National Heritage Week 2023 is Living Heritage. "Living Heritage" celebrates the practices, knowledge and skills that have been passed from one generation to the next, and are still in use today. This year for National Heritage Week, the Heritage Council are encouraging you to explore and take a closer look at the work being done by the custodians of our heritage. The theme of Living Heritage will examine how yesterday's heritage has become today's, and how this heritage can, thanks to people who pass on their knowledge, be safeguarded for future generations. Under this theme, events and projects will be encouraged to examine intangible practises, knowledge and skills shared from one generation to the next. Over the coming months we will be sharing what Living Heritage is and how you can incorporate Living Heritage into your event or project.

What's Happening for National Heritage Week 2023?

There will be lots happening before National Heritage Week takes place in August. In April training days will take place at two locations in the country so event and project organisers can receive guidance on best practice for creating and running events. Details will be announced on heritageweek.ie very soon.

Soon, the heritageweek.ie website will be open for submissions so that you can submit your event or project. Event descriptions and completed digital projects can be uploaded via the Organisers’ Portal. The last day to submit a project to the National Heritage Week website will be Tuesday, 22nd August.

Themed Days

The celebration of different aspects of our Heritage will continue with two themed days in 2023.

Wild Child Day

‘Wild Child Day’ will take place on Saturday 19th August. Wild Child Day is about encouraging children and their families to get outdoors to enjoy and explore the heritage and biodiversity in their locality. Visit somewhere you haven’t been before or go somewhere you know well and look at it differently. Through the theme of Living Heritage, the Heritage Council encourages children to get outdoors and explore practices associated with your local landscape.

Water Heritage Day

Taking place on Sunday, 20th August, Water Heritage Day celebrates the heritage of our rivers, lakes and wetlands and seas! Water Heritage Day is a collobration between the Heritage Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme. This Water Hertiage Day, you are invited to explore the Living Heritage associated with our waterways and wetland areas.

Stay Tuned!

More information and announcements on National Heritage Week will be coming soon. Make sure to follow National Heritage Week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest information.