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Deadline extension: Tips for submitting your heritage project

We are delighted to inform you that the project submission form is now live and we apologise for any inconvenience the technical difficulties may have caused.

Thank you for your patience over recent days while we addressed technical difficulties with the project submission form.

As you prepare to share your completed heritage project with us, we recommend that you note the following:

  • Projects submitted to us by noon on Thursday, 13th August will be shared on the Heritage Week website before the beginning of National Heritage Week 2020.

  • We will continue to accept projects after this date and all projects submitted by Sunday, 30th August will be considered for a National Heritage Week Award.

  • To ensure timely inclusion on the Heritage Week website, we ask that you submit all relevant information in your listing, including; presentations, PDFs, video links, event details and registration links.

  • We recommend that you draft your submission in a Word document and copy and paste your submission into the form to avoid losing any of your work in the event that a technical issue occurs during the upload process.

We are delighted with the strong interest in uploading projects, and thank you again for your patience and enthusiasm.