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Celebrate our magnificent waters during National Heritage Week


As part of National Heritage Week 2021, Water Heritage Day will take place on Sunday, 22nd August. This is a chance to celebrate heritage and history connected to our magnificent rivers, lakes, and coastline.

This water themed day is organised through collaboration between the Heritage Council and the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO). Each year, Heritage Officers, Community Water Officers, and local communities and groups organise events and projects that highlight the value of water for recreational, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits.

As an island nation, our heritage and history have been shaped by the sea and the myriad of great Irish rivers, lakes, and wetlands. We pride ourselves on Ireland’s image as a clean and green, emerald isle. This image is completely reliant on the health of our rivers and lakes, and the surrounding landscapes, called water catchments.

This year, National Heritage Week is about getting as many people as possible to enjoy heritage. Especially ‘heritage newcomers’ who may not have engaged with National Heritage Week and Water Heritage Day in previous years. The Heritage Council and LAWPRO are encouraging individuals, groups, and families to take part in Water Heritage Day and discover their local river, lake, or coast through a local project or event during National Heritage Week.

To find Water Heritage Day projects or events in your local area and county visit: https://www.heritageweek.ie/projects.

To find out more about LAWPRO here: https://lawaters.ie/