It's not too late to register an event! If you would like to organise an event for Heritage Week 2019, have a look at the information below and fill in our event registration form. Event registration will remain open until the start of Heritage Week.

Please note that all the information that you submit under the section entitled ‘Your Event’ will be published at and in the Print Guide.

It is not possible to save your submission mid-way and return to it later so we strongly recommend that you type your event details in a Word document or similar and paste the text into this form to ensure you do not loose your data should the online form time-out.

Please proof your event details carefully before submitting the form.

If you wish to amend the details of your event after it has been published please email

Please Note: Heritage Week is a non-profit programme and the aim of the week is to open up the heritage of Ireland, enjoy it and make it accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we encourage as many National Heritage Week events as possible to be free. Where this is not possible, it is important to try to have only a nominal charge or offer special concessions which acknowledge your participation in National Heritage Week. Where there are charges to events it is at the discretion of the Heritage Council whether these can be included in the Heritage Week guide/website.

The entry form is now closed.