The Glacial Landscape of Clew Bay

The Glacial Landscape of Clew Bay

18 August, 8:30pm - 9:30pm

  • Benjamin Thébaudeau / Irish Quaternary Association
  • Croagh Patrick, Statue of St Patrick's viewpoint
  • Co. Mayo

As many islands as days in a year. Hear about the glacial history of Clew Bay and the origin of its drumlins, admiring its evening scenery from the slope of Croagh Patrick beside St Patrick himself.

As many islands as days in a year. Clew Bay is famous the world over thanks to its scenery and its myriad of Drumlins of which a large number are now islands. Drumlin, a word of Irish origin, is a famous type of glaciological feature but many more are visible in the Clew Bay landscape that tell the story of Irish Glaciations during the Quaternary. The talk will take advantage of the evening scenery beside the statue of St Patrick himself on the slope of Croagh Patrick. Parking available below.

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  • Suitable for Children under 12
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