Mugshots and Spinning Tops

Mugshots and Spinning Tops

18 August, 11am - 1pm
18 August, 2pm - 4pm
20 August, 11am - 1pm
20 August, 2pm - 4pm
24 August, 11am - 1pm
24 August, 2pm - 4pm

  • Office of Public Works
  • Reginald's Tower, The Quay
  • Co. Waterford

Come to Reginald’s Tower for this prison-themed children's workshop. Get a mugshot taken, be convicted of a crime and sentenced to hard labour making spinning Tops, thraumatropes and button spinners.

200 years ago, Reginald’s Tower was converted into a Police Establishment and Lock-up. From 1819 to c. 1863, Reginald’s Tower was used as a place of confinement, which housed murders, thieves, sturdy rouges, and on one occasion, a goat. For this years Heritage Week, we are highlighting this period of Reginald’s Towers past with Talks, Workshops, Mysteries and Music.

Admission & Booking

  • Admission Free

Access & Parking

  • Suitable for Children under 12
  • Car Parking Available

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