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Urban Water - An outdoor Classroom on Dublin's Royal Canal

Urban Water - An outdoor Classroom on Dublin's Royal Canal

Kaethe Burt-O'Dea

The LIFELINE - Urban Water
An outdoor classroom exploring inner-city biodiversity and social history along Dublin's Royal Canal to inform a sustainable regeneration.

The LIFELINE is a community-led project based in North Central Dublin, advocating the importance of nature to our health and wellbeing. The final goal is to establish a territory dedicated to environmental regeneration that will connect the Botanic Gardens with the Liffey, creating a ribbon of biodiversity and fertile ground for social innovation, green enterprise and nature-based solutions.

Join us on Sunday August 23th, Water Heritage Day, for a live online event broadcast from LIFELINE territory. We will journey with Valerie Vetter, Dublin City FM community radio presenter and Kaethe Burt O'Dea, Creative Director, Bí Urban, along the route formerly taken by the Royal Canal, Broombridge to Broadstone, to explore how the heritage of urban waterways can inform sustainable regeneration.

Following the flow of the Royal Canal south, we will pass through a lush watery landscape teaming with biodiversity rarely found in cities, a pollinator desert at Cross Guns Bridge and adjacent Mountjoy Prison, over Blacquire bridge (no longer a bridge) to visit the floating ecosystems restoring Dublin's secret jewel - Blessington Street Basin.

One positive outcome of COVID-19 has been the reawakening of our relationship with the natural world and its importance to community health and well-being. Urban waterways, the border between water and land, country and city, provide a hyperactive learning environment to inform future urban design and planning.

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