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Uncovering Monuments in the Ulster Landscape

Uncovering Monuments in the Ulster Landscape

Duncan Berryman
Ulster Archaeological Society

This project highlights the work of the Ulster Archaeological Society and its members in researching and understanding monuments in the Ulster landscape. For many years the UAS Survey Group has been surveying sites of all periods and in most counties of Ulster. The reports from these surveys are publicly available on the UAS website and are designed for the public to learn more about the history of their landscape. Members of the Society also undertake independent research into their local area, this is published in the Newsletter, the Ulster Journal of Archaeology and as lectures to the Society (some available digitally on our YouTube channel).

This project brings together some of this research into thematic groupings (such as by period or function) and provide the public with a deeper understanding of the monuments and built heritage within their landscape. The information will be put together as a digital presentation and shared through our website and social media channels.

A journey around the Barony of Kinelarty

Uncovering Monuments in the Ulster Landscape

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