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Treasures of the Strokestown Famine Archive virtual exhibit

Treasures of the Strokestown Famine Archive virtual exhibit

Jason King
Irish Heritage Trust (National Famine Museum, Strokestown Park)

The Treasures of the Strokestown Famine Archive virtual exhibit makes publicly accessible some of the most important archival records from the Great Hunger for the first time. It is comprised of four key themes and sections.

1) Strokestown assisted emigration scheme of the 1,490 shares the records of tenants from the estate who crossed the Atlantic on some of the worst of the coffin ships. They have been selected in by Professor Mark McGowan (University of Toronto) who discusses Denis Mahon’s assisted emigration scheme in 1847 in an educational video.

2) The second section focuses on the Assassination of the Landlord, Major Denis Mahon, and Secret Societies. Professor Christine Kinealy (Quinnipiac University) interprets these digitized archival records in this section’s educational video.

3) Digitized Petitions and Voices of the Dispossessed have been selected by Martin Fagan (Strokestown Park Archivist) and Dr Ciaran Reilly (Maynooth University) who elucidate and interpret them. Some of the most poignant records in the archive are the petitions from landless agricultural labourers and cottiers facing eviction and starvation who left few other traces of their existence. No other genre comes closer to capturing their voices.

4) Digitized Rental Books and Letters as selected by the Strokestown Park Archivist are explored in this section.

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