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Traditional Willow Fence & Hurdle-Making by Wicklow Willow

Traditional Willow Fence & Hurdle-Making by Wicklow Willow

Joanna Grobosz
Athlone Castle Visitor Centre

Join Pat from Wicklow Willow for a live demonstration of traditional willow fence and hurdle-making techniques.

Learn how to make wattle-fencing and hurdles in the age - old style and watch as Pat shows how to plant a very simple, tough living-willow fence/hedge.

These traditional skills have been used in Ireland for millennia and you can learn how to put these skills to practical use in your garden, school or local park.

This event at Athlone Castle, Co. Westmeath is supported by the Heritage Council under the Irish Walled Towns Network 2021 Interpretation Fund.

Traditional Willow Fence & Hurdle-Making by Pat Reid of Wicklow Willow at Athlone Castle

Event Details

  • 21st August at 12.00 pm
  • This demonstration will be streamed live on Athlone Castle’s Instagram. The recording of this live demonstration will afterwards be available on Athlone Castle’s social media channels.

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