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Traditional Sheep Farming and Sheepdog Training

Rosaleen Dwyer
Donie Anderson, Glenasmole Valley Sheep Farmer

This video presents an element of intangible cultural heritage, using sheepdogs to manage sheep in the hills above Tallaght, overlooking Ireland's capital city, Dublin. Donie Anderson's family have been farming in the picturesque Glenasmole Valley for generations and Donie has retained many of the old traditional farming practices. This video follows Donie and his 3 marvellous sheep dogs Jess, Bob, and Toss, as they bring the sheep home from the hills to the farm yard, where Donie also demonstrates the traditional skill of blade-shearing. It is remarkable that these skills and this way of life still exists in an area that is so close to the urban edge of Dublin city.

Intangible Cultural Heritage – Sheep Farming and Sheep Dog Training

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