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The Rosses Point Coastal Way Project

The Rosses Point Coastal Way Project

Martina Butler
The Rosses Point Coastal Way Group

The Rosses Point Coastal Way is a walking route marked by a series of nine interpretive panels located along the 2 km of coastal paths of Rosses Point. The Way encourages the exploration and enjoyment of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of this area beautiful area.

This Rosses Point Coastal Way project grew from the organisers' shared appreciation of the rich heritage of Rosses Point, Co. Sligo and their desire to share that with locals and visitors alike through the development of an interpretive walking trail there.

A basic principle of the Rosses Point Coastal Way Steering Group was that the local community had to be centrally involved in the development of the project so that they would take pride in it, but also ownership of it, into the future.

Over time the project group grew from just a three member steering group, to involving many more members of the local community including the pupils of the local primary school, Realt na Mara, Rosses Point Tidy Towns, Rosses Point Shanty Festival- Heritage archive, Rosses Point Development Association, Sligo Co. Council and many other individuals who supported the project in many different ways.

The Rosses Point Coastal Way

The Rocky Seashore

The Rosses Point Coastal Way Project


The Rocky Seashore


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