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The Marl Crusts 'Krustenstein' of Lough Carra, Co. Mayo

The Marl Crusts 'Krustenstein' of Lough Carra, Co. Mayo

Lynda Huxley
Lough Carra Catchment Association

Lough Carra is one of the finest marl lakes in western Europe. The rocks on the lakeshore and lakebed of Lough Carra are covered with a curious, crusty, whitish, quite slippery layer. This is a marl crust known as 'krustenstein'. Dr Philip Doddy spent several years studying these crusts in Lough Carra. He will share with you some of the things he found in a pre-recorded presentation which will be uploaded to the Lough Carra Youtube Channel on Water Heritage Day - 22 August 2021. This event is supported by the Local Authorities Water Programme and the Lough Carra Catchment Association (LCCA). The LCCA was established in 2018 by local people with the goal: to restore, protect and conserve the ecological integrity of Lough Carra and its lakeshore habitats and to ensure the quality of drinking water from the lough.

The Marl Crusts of Lough Carra

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