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The Irish Draught Horse Yesterday and Today

The Irish Draught Horse Yesterday and Today

Patricia Young
Kildare Branch Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association

The story of the Irish Draught Horse and its journey from being the mainstay on small farms, travel and military, to its present role as a leisure horse and ambassador for Ireland.

During our research for this project we learned how vital our national horse was in bygone days and have been able to trace how it has survived by making the transition to showjumping, eventing, hunting and leisure riding. The traits that made it so valuable in bygone days - intelligence, kind willing temperament, soundness and stamina, are still present and recognised today.

Breed numbers were in decline but the work of dedicated Irish enthusiasts over the past decades saved our national horse from extinction. .The story / video is narrated using live action including dramatic reenactments, historic photographs and interview in a story arc of 7-10 minutes in duration.

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Irish Draught Horse- Survivor of History

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