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The Big House in Co Louth Story Box

The Big House in Co Louth Story Box

Lorraine McCann
Louth County Archives Service

You are invited to explore a virtual Story Box on the theme of ‘The Big House in County Louth’ available on the link below.

The content of this Story Box is made up from a selection of archives taken from a number of different collections of estate records and family papers held in Louth County Archives, many of which were donated to the County Archives.

Items are arranged into groups in the Story Box according to record type: photographs; deeds and legal documents; maps, plans and drawings; account books and rentals; correspondence; other records; and sale catalogues.

The content of the Story Box gives a flavour of some of the variety of archival material that is donated to the service. Louth County Archives is interested in acquiring archives and records that relate to all aspects of the development of County Louth. Such archives may be from community groups, societies, individuals, organisations, national schools, solicitors or other businesses. These collections make available unique and valuable research sources for the study of our heritage. If you have a collection that you would be willing to donate or know of someone who would, the organisers would love to hear from you.

It is hoped that you enjoy exploring the contents of the Story Box and discovering the places, people and stories that lie within.

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