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Step it out Mary, 'Mother' of Fior Céili in Rosemount

Step it out Mary, 'Mother' of Fior Céili in Rosemount

Angela Lynam
Rosemount Community

Céilí dancing is a part of our culture and heritage which is as important as our language, our music and our national games. This project will focus on the preservation of the fíor/true céilí in our small village in Rosemount.

We are producing a booklet containing the history of céilí dancing in Ireland from the Celts and druids, to the dance masters of the 1800s to the crossroad céilí of the 1900s.

This booklet will also focus on the dance master of our lifetime, Mary Sheerin, who introduced the fíor céilí to Rosemount in the late 1970s and 1980s and who returned yet again in 2019, at the young age of 82 years, with great gusto, to enlighten the next generation on the joys of the Haymakers Jig and the Walls of Limerick etc. Children from 12 years of age to adults in their 80s took to the floor in unison once more.

Rosemount Social Initiative will launch their booklet during National Heritage week while hosting five Crossroad céilís simultaneously throughout their village, dancing apart but together as a community (under strict Covid guidelines). All events will be recorded by drone / video and available to view online.

Step it out Mary, 'Mother' of Fior Céili in Rosemount

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