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St. Finbarr's Cemetery Cork City | On A Wing & A Prayer

St. Finbarr's Cemetery Cork City | On A Wing & A Prayer

Norma O'Connor

This is a most beautiful and historic cemetery [National Inventory of Architectural Heritage | Reg No: 20870001-20870006] with it's neatly packed rows of impeccably ornate headstones, accentuated by the dancing light and  sounds of the song birds from their lofty bell towers and canopied by age old trees. St. Finbarr's boasts the richest merchants of the city, political prisoners...a history of troubled times and religious orders bowing to the mortuary chapels they crowd around. It is also a place of remembrance for the little lives lost to unmarried mothers & families...and a long since used mortuary standing guard at the back boundary wall. 

Grab your VR glasses and be there instantly. Discover the grand entrance with its limestone defined piers and daisy chained, flaming half moon cast iron and metal railings. Visit the graves of the fallen heroes on the road to Irish freedom. Stop by the Honan Mausoleum to delight in its delicate beauty. Take a tour of the Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland mortuary chapels. Be sure to scale both the bell towers, home to a family of racing pigeons and rock doves, respectfully. A unique opportunity to marvel at the exquisite architecture soaring above the chapel roof finals revealing a bell tower gallery that the architect Sir George Benson envisioned, impressive enough to commission a bell cast at John Murphy's Foundry in Dublin in 1867.  [A local and international award winning bell founder.]

This is a unique 3D VR Visual Record of St. Finbarr's Cemetery.

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