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St. Brigid's Cross - Customs & Traditions. Margaret Walsh.

St. Brigid's Cross - Customs & Traditions. Margaret Walsh.

Brigid Butler
Solas Bhride & Hermitages

Solas Bhride is a Celtic Christian Spirituality Centre situated in Kildare Town. At Solas Bhride we provide a place of welcome, tranquillity, and peace where we seek to unfold the legacy of Saint Brigid and its relevance for our world today.

In this project, Margaret Walsh will share with us some of the customs and traditions associated with the weaving of a Saint Brigid’s cross. Each year leading up to the feastday of Saint Brigid on February 1st, people go out into the marshlands and gather the rushes to weave a Saint Brigid’s cross; just as they have done for many generations.

Margaret will bring to life some of traditions associated with this custom while weaving her own Saint Brigid’s cross.

We invite you to watch Margaret’s demonstration and visit our website below.

St. Brigid's Cross - Customs & Traditions

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