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Sharing school & church memories across the generations.

Sharing school & church memories across the generations.

Ethne McCord
St. Salvator's Church Youth, Glaslough, County Monaghan

For this project, young people interviewed their grandparents/older member of family and recorded their early memories of school and church.

This is extremely important as many of the schools and churches mentioned have been closed as the Church of Ireland population declined in the Republic of Ireland.

The project organisers intend to publish some interviews in the local press and social media.

Next year, they intend to share the project with a wider audience during our usual two open days during National Heritage Week when the audience will be invited to share their own memories.

The organisers hope to arrange an educational bus tour of the old sites mentioned and explore further the church's role in the provision of education.

Sharing early school and church memories across the generations

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