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Restoration of Well and Pump circa 1939

Restoration of Well and Pump circa 1939

Anne Conmey
Porterstown Community Text Alert Group

Our project is the restoration of a Well and Pump built circa 1939 to serve the needs of a growing population in the area.

The Well served the Community for many years. In the 1980's the pump and cover disappeared. To make the Well safe for children in the area, it was covered over. From then it fell into disrepair with one wall collapsing over time. A second wall was knocked by a lorry some years ago. The wall was reinstated but only with concrete blocks. One original plastered wall with capping remained and most of the concrete floor. The area had become completely overgrown with the Well no longer visible. The generation that used the Well have all passed away and only their families remember it. Within a relatively short time the Well and it's historical significance could have been lost.

Our Group decided to restore the Well back as near as possible to it's original condition. We cleared the area of overgrowth, sourced a pump almost identical to the original pump and had the original wall repaired and the wall that had collapsed rebuilt. A plastering technique in keeping with the sensitivity of the restoration was used.

The Well area has now been restored to look as it did when built in 1939. We added a limestone plaque outlining it's history and left a section of original wall exposed around the plaque.

The interest in the restoration has been phenomenal among residents and walkers and cyclists passing through.

Porterstown Community Well Restoration Project 2020

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