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Ogham Stones of County Kilkenny

Ogham Stones of County Kilkenny

Nora White
Ogham in 3D

The Kilkenny Ogham Project aims to achieve greater awareness of, access to and engagement with, the ogham stones of Co. Kilkenny.

Out of an approximate total of 360 ogham stones in Ireland, 15 are recorded from Co. Kilkenny, including one long lost and two in the National Museum of Ireland collection.

Of those still on site in the county, four were digitised for the Ogham in 3D project (2012-2015 phase): Ballyboodan, Gowran and two at Tullaherin. However, there were a further eight ogham stones in Kilkenny yet to be added to the digital corpus and brought to public attention.

Therefore, the first step of the project was to record in 3D, using a photography-based technique called photogrammetry, the remaining ogham stones in the county, in collaboration with Digital Heritage Age.

The next step involved research on the individual stones and sites. Entries, including 3D models, for each of the 8 ogham stones have now been digitised and made freely available on the Ogham in 3D website.

In addition to this, we have prepared a series of videos for National Heritage Week. These include an overview presentation on ogham and the ogham stones from Kilkenny; a photogrammetry workshop; and footage recorded while on fieldwork in the county as ‘virtual visits’ to the ogham sites.

Finally, one of the newly digitised ogham stones will be featured on social media on each of the days of National Heritage Week 2020.

1 An Introduction to the Ogham Stones of County Kilkenny

2 Virtual Tour of Kilkenny Ogham Stones, Part 1

3 Virtual Tour of Kilkenny Ogham Stones, Part 2

4 The Ogham Stone at Jerpoint Abbey, Co Kilkenny

5 The Ogham Stone at Fiddaun Upper Co Kilkenny

6 The Ogham Stone at Legan Castle Co Kilkenny

7 The Ogham Stones at Lamoge Co Kilkenny

8 Photogrammetry workshop

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