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Monaghan Hedgerows - A decade of change

Monaghan County Council Heritage Office

  • Co. Monaghan

Monaghan Hedgerow Survey – A Decade of Change published in 2021, made several recommendations to improve the declining condition and extent of our hedgerows, some of which are intended for the planning consent system in Monaghan.

These look at forward planning, the county development plan provisions, and at planning applications stages. These recommendations are:
1. Monaghan County Council should produce and adopt a hedgerow conservation strategy.
2. Concept of a heritage hedgerow should be recognised into county development plan and into planning infrastructure. The concept of “Heritage Hedgerows” is proposed for hedgerows which have notable historical, structural or species composition characteristics.
3. Guidelines for planners and road engineers for dealing with hedges in planning applications.

Monaghan County Council held workshops for staff in Spring 2022, to discuss how improvements can be made in our activities to benefit hedgerows in the county. These discussions were fed into a draft conservation strategy and guidelines for hedgerows, yet to be finalised. These will be adopted and published in the Autumn on our website.
Information on the website includes seminar videos and the 2021 Hedgerow Survey report.

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