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Milltown's Heritage Food Project

Milltown's Heritage Food Project

Milltown Heritage Group, Co Galway
Milltown Heritage Group, Co Galway

One of the main parts of our Heritage Food Project involved the children from our two local schools: Belmont & Milltown national schools. The children gathered stories from their families about their local food heritage. These stories were about Farming, Fishing, Going to the Bog, Cooking Methods, The Stations, Travelling Shops, Making Butter and Weddings. We also received many recipes. Some of which go back generations.

Project Development Officer Lorna Elms of the National Museum of Ireland said 'People of all ages in the Milltown area have creatively engaged with their food heritage to produce a wonderful booklet, and an online resource that will proudly communicate our cultural heritage to a world wide

The National Folklore Collection accepted their stories and recipes into their archive. This achievement is something that the children, teachers and families should be very proud of. Milltown Heritage Group were also recipients of a National Heritage award for their heritage food project.

To read more about the project and the stories written by the pupils of Belmont NS and Milltown NS, please visit our website which you will find under Milltown Heritage Group.

Milltown's Heritage Food project


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