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Meath Travellers Workshop Photo Exhibition, Pack and DVD

Meath Travellers Workshop Photo Exhibition, Pack and DVD

Marina Cunningham
Meath Travellers Workshop

The exhibition provided visitors with an opportunity to look into the life’s of Travellers over the past six decades, their struggles and achievements.

The exhibition was open to the public and attracted visitors from both the Traveller and settled community and it saw a steady stream of visitor both old and young - sparking some very interesting conversation.

Education Pack
Traveller Cultural Information Pack was launched on the day.

The pack which contains a number of information sheets along with a heritage brochure and a Meath Travellers Workshop information leaflet will act as a tool for teachers, tutors, healthcare and other professionals to ensure they have up-to-date factual information on culture, customs and traditions relevant to Travellers.

Packs are available on request and will be used by MTW staff while visiting schools, colleges or giving information talks to other professionals.

Travellers Living Language

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