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Lonehort Battery, Bere Island: A Photographic Tour

Lonehort Battery, Bere Island: A Photographic Tour

Helen Riddell
Bere Island Projects Group

Lonehort Battery is the largest of seven gun batteries constructed on Bere Island by the British military to protect their battleships while anchored in Berehaven. Lonehort Battery is owned by the Department of Defence who have licensed it to Bere Island Projects Group to restore and develop as a visitor attraction. Two large 6” coastal artillery guns are still in place at Lonehort. With the handover of Fort Berehaven to the Irish Government in 1938, apart from basic maintenance, Lonehort has remained untouched over the years, and is as it was during World War One when it’s gun crews were on constant alert, scanning the wide entrance to Bantry Bay, Berehaven and Bere Island for enemy forces. Bere Island Projects Group have completed the first phase of the battery restoration which is open to the public. As Lonehort Battery is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions this project will showcase Lonehort Battery through the medium of photography, and will include many areas which are currently not accessible to the general public.

Lonehort Battery Bere Island: A photographic journey through a WW1 Gun Battery

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