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Learning From A Log Cabin Quilt Made in 1890

Learning From A Log Cabin Quilt Made in 1890

Margaret Cunnane
Irish Patchwork Society Western Branch

Our video project was rooted in the Log Cabin quilt belonging to Veronica Walsh, Carna. The quilt was made by Annie L Barrett, aunt of Veronica’s uncle, Paddy Barrett. Annie went to Boston in the late 1800’s, worked for a dressmaker and made the quilt from scraps in 1890 at the age of 23. Annie passed away 3 years later and never made it home to Carna.
The log cabin block is made with strips of fabric and our tutorial shows the steps followed in making one. To encourage viewers to try it at home we chose hand-sewing, scissors and templates rather than using specialised equipment. We hope people of all ages will engage with the tutorial and try to make the block. We invited a younger person, Anna to make our video and her contribution at each stage helped us to be clear about our content for all ages..
We hope to maximise community engagement with our video firstly through our own Western Branch Facebook page. We will use it as a resource when we have the opportunity to engage with the public again face to face. We will forward it for inclusion on the Irish Patchwork Society Website, Facebook page and the IPS NIVAL archive for greater exposure and to add to the visual archives of textiles in Ireland.. We will build on our existing network as a member of the GANS network of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and share our video with the DCCI

Learning From A Log Cabin Made in 1890

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