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Know Your Naul 2021 - Week of Events

Know Your Naul 2021 - Week of Events

Ian Lennon
Naul Community Council

Know Your Naul 2021 is an initiative by Naul Community Council which aims to open the door to heritage and engage the public with Naul's unique local heritage.

Over the course of National Heritage Week a series of online and in-person events took place in Naul, forming a week-long discovery of All Things Naul! Everything from online heritage pieces, to walks, talks and tours will take place in Naul, aiming to promote the unique local heritage of the area to residents, visitors and the general public, of all generations.

Know Your Naul provided engaging content and opportunities for the public to discover the diverse heritage of the district!

Check out the project below!

Know Your Naul 2021 - Project Report

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