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Irish Wildlife Throughout Folklore

Kildare Wildlife Rescue

  • Co. Kildare

Learn how Irish wildlife has helped to shape the myths and legends of our country, from Banshees to the Children of Lir.

Kildare Wildlife Rescue (KWR) is a community based rescue group located in County Kildare. We are a team of qualified wildlife rehabilitators, foster carers, wildlife first responders, and rescue and transport volunteers. We are supported also by a committee who carry out essential non-contact administration roles, and have a dedicated veterinary advisor overseeing our work and treating casualties that require veterinary attention.

Our core guiding principle is the belief that wild animals and birds belong in the wild, and our aim is to return as many casualties as we can to their natural environment. We will care for a patient for as long as is necessary for it to regain full health, before returning it to the wild, fully recovered and able to compete equally with its peers. For those that we are unable to save, our fundamental aim is to minimise suffering as quickly as possible.

We work to protect all native wild species that it is within our capacity to help, and in so doing, contribute to the maintenance of Ireland's naturally rich and abundant biodiversity. We value all life equally, and place no one species above another.

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