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Historic walk of Moone Abbey House and Tower

Historic walk of Moone Abbey House and Tower

Jenifer Matuschka
Moone Abbey

Moone Abbey is a palimpsest of built heritage, its grounds home to the ruins of a 6th century monastery, the 9/10th century High Cross, 15th century Tower house, and 18th century Palladian house. The site is full of bio-diversity with 7 different species of bat and a hundred different moths in its grounds.

Moone Abbey is open from 12-4 everyday of National Heritage Week (by appointment).

The ‘Day of Tours’ is Wednesday 19th, August ONLY, by appointment.

There are three outdoor tours (40 minutes) of max 20 people at 10:00, 12:00, and 14:30 strictly by appointment.

Participants must bring masks and prepare to socially distance.

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