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The Bumblebee Monitoring Project on Lullymore West

The Bumblebee Monitoring Project on Lullymore West

Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC)
Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC)

Irish bumblebees are in decline as a result of agriculture, forestry and frequent mowing of lawns. 78% of our flowers are pollinated by the 21 species of bumblebees found in Ireland.

As a result, the Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are surveying bumblebees as part of 'The Bumblebee Monitoring Project on Lullymore West' in Co. Kildare. A one hour weekly monitoring survey will take place over the course of 26 weeks (April - September) in 2021. We aim to gather as much information as possible about bumblebees on the site to build on our existing species list and to develop new skills to make accurate bumblebee identification in order to establish a permanent bumblebee transect as part of the NBDC bumblebee monitoring scheme from 2022 onwards. During the one hour survey, IPCC will also record the plants which bumblebees visit.

The project is still ongoing, and the results will be published in the final report to Kildare County Council and our followers will be informed on social media. These results will help to inform future surveys, reports and the data will be sent to the NBDC. This project is kindly supported by Kildare County Council through the Heritage Grant Scheme 2021.

Please contact the event organisers (details below) for the latest information regarding COVID-19 safety measures and to register for this event

Event Details

  • 14th August 2021, 11 am-1 pm
  • As part of this project, IPCC are hosting a family friendly walk & talk event ‘Discovering the bumblebees and butterflies of Lullymore West’ to celebrate Heritage Week 2021. Meet at the bog of Allen Nature Centre at 11 am.

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