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Heritage at Hamwood

Charles Hamilton

  • Co. Meath

There are three primary themes: first, Hamwood House heritage and history showcasing the original paintings and artwork of the Hamilton women. (Local Memory.) Second, integrating biodiversity into our actions, individual and communal, with hands-on identification and introduction to herbal remedies. (Herbal Wellness.) Third, is the concept of seasonal living via the Celtic calendar. (Ancestral Seasonal Living.)

Local Memory
Hamwood and Dunboyne through the artist’s brush
-house tours showcasing the paintings of the Hamilton sisters
- original garden and woodland design
-exploring the past with the cultivation of fruits and vegetables sold to the local
-engagement with the estate

Herbal Wellness
Herbal healing in a biodiverse landscape
-ethical foraging, hands on plant identification
-exploring Ireland's traditional hedgerows
- the basics of plant medicine, tinctures, elixirs and infused oils
- raised beds and walled gardens / rewilding meadows

Ancestral Seasonal Living
Living and moving with the seasons
-connecting to ourselves and the earth around us
-individual and community wellness
-yoga in the walled garden, mindful forest walks and breathwork

-Providing opportunities via in person visits to remember our past locally and educate ourselves to understand the essential ways in which we grow as a local community.
-The importance of implementing biodiverse actives on different levels.
-The events will be inclusive and family friendly. The heritage and sustainability topics will be for various levels and opportunities for questions.

-House tours
-Yoga and breathwork in the garden
-Foraging in the woodlands, meadows, fields and gardens.
-Demonstrations for basic herbal remedies

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