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Graiguenamanagh Audio Guide

Abarta Heritage

  • Co. Kilkenny

Nestled in a fertile valley, Graiguenamanagh is almost entirely surrounded by hills, including Brandon Hill, the tallest summit in Kilkenny. To the east are the striking peaks of the Blackstairs Mountains, while to the south, the fast-flowing waters of the River Barrow rush by. Graiguenamanagh’s story begins over 800 years ago, with the founding of Duiske abbey by William Marshal, one of the most powerful medieval magnates of the 13th century. Twelve Cistercian monks from Wiltshire settled in the abbey and became some of the town’s earliest inhabitants. In fact, the name Graiguenamanagh, or Gráig na Manach means “village of the Monks” in Irish.

In addition to the abbey, the audio guide provides information on some of the remarkable characters who once called Graiguenamanagh home. They include the high and mighty, like the members of the powerful Butler family; the revolutionaries, like 1798 Rebellion leader Captain Thomas Cheevers; and the ordinary townspeople, like the O’Learys, who were blamed for the Great Chicago Fire. You will also have the chance to visit the castle of Tinnahinch, cross the mighty River Barrow, and squeeze through what might just be the narrowest alley in the world!

You can find this audio guide free on your favourite podcast platform including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Acast, Audible and more. Simply search for Abarta Heritage to Discover the Stories of Ireland. Or you can visit our website at the link below.

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