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Courtown Woods - Our Heritage

Courtown Woods - Our Heritage

Kim Townsend-Smyth
Seal Rescue Ireland

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) has invited a local Seanchaí (story-teller) and prominent tourism ambassador for Co. Wexford, Lorraine from Gallivanting.ie to explore the wonders of our local woodlands. Courtown Woods - Our Heritage is a short film which examines how different civilisations have interacted with these landscapes throughout the ages, and it explores how we can learn from the wisdom of our ancestors long passed. Using modern technology we’ve provided a stunning, new perspective of Courtown's valuable woodlands, paying deepest reverence to its oldest inhabitants.

Not only are the Courtown Woodland trails a treasured amenity for the local community and a huge ecotourism appeal, but it’s some of the last remaining deciduous hardwood forest left in Ireland, which makes it vital habitat for wildlife and a biodiversity hotspot. These native forests once covered over 80% of Ireland’s land mass and now cover just over 1%, so it’s incredibly important to preserve what we have remaining and work to protect it. This particular woodland also has an incredibly rich history with stories and folklore going back to the first humans in Ireland. It offers such an amazing opportunity for people learn about and embrace our natural and cultural heritage.

These is a unique woodland in that it, alongside the native deciduous trees, are a selection of imported trees planted by the 5th Earl of Courtown over 150 years ago, typically only seen in formal gardens. It's very rare to see them in a woodland setting (eg Redwoods, Cedar of Lebanon, etc.)

Courtown Woods - Our Heritage

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