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Cork Jewish Heritage Virtual Walk

Cork Jewish Heritage Virtual Walk

Ruti Lachs

The Cork Jewish Culture Virtual Walk is a beautiful video and a webpage exploring some of the history and culture of the Cork Jewish community. I am a Jewish musician, who moved to Cork from Kerry three years ago. At its height, in around 1915, the Cork Jewish community had about 450 members. Most of these were from families who had left Lithuania (from about 1880) in search of a better life, leaving poverty and antisemitism behind them. The Cork synagogue opened its doors in 1891, and closed in 2016. I had been researching the history of Cork Jewry for my musical play, Green Feather Boa, which is set in the Jewish community in Cork in the early 1900s. I decided to use my extensive research to lead a guided walk for Heritage Week. When COVID descended, the project was adapted accordingly. The Virtual Walk focusses on seven Jewish sites in the city, including the synagogue, the site of the old cemetery and the ritual bath (mikveh), two bridges with Jewish significance, and 'Jewtown', the area where the early community settled in Cork. There are stories, poems, history, songs, and music from members of the Cork Jewish communities, past and present, including klezmer tunes from local band Pop-Up Klezmer, as well as stories, poems and songs from other Irish Jews. The current community, the Munster Jewish Community, has over 100 members spread throughout the province, who meet in diverse places for the Jewish festivals, and occasional social occasions and events.


Cork Jewish Culture Virtual Walk

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