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Colmcille 1500 Kells Illuminations

Colmcille 1500 Kells Illuminations

Miriam Manning
Colmcille 1500 Kells

Our purpose in developing this innovation is to highlight an aspect of the town that has been largely neglected, the rich physical heritage that is part of the very structure of the streets. We walk daily in the footsteps of the Medieval monks and sometimes forget this background and all it holds. We believe in thinking differently about our heritage in order to engage a wide audience. We want to foreground the ancient physicality on which our modern life is superimposed: it is part of our lived experience. We want to reach out in a contemporary way to share our vision and invite others to embrace their heritage of stone and stories: to value and take pride in their place. 2021, being the 1500th anniversary of St. Colmcille’s birth is the ideal opportunity to share our vision for Kells and to inspire others.

Colmcille 1500 Kells Illuminations brings the Columban Medieval heritage in Kells to new life by the innovation of projected imagery, commissioned especially for this anniversary year. This collection of contemporary illuminations narrates stories of Colmcille and his followers in vibrant colour. It is designed to appeal to a multigenerational audience by presenting our heritage in a contemporary way. The illuminations are projected at historic locations adjacent to the monastic site and evoke story-telling as well as visual impact.
During HerItage Week take a Self-guided tour using the Illuminations Walking Tour Map.
Or book a guided tour starting at 9.30 pm at www.itsplainsailing.com/club/kells.
For more information visit www.discoverkells.ie

Event Details

  • Events are available on line throughout Heritage Week.
  • Event 1 To celebrate the feast day of St. Colmcille an online musical event at the ancient site of St. Colmcille's Well has been filmed and is available to view during Heritage Week on: Event 2. A virtual tour of the heritage sites of Kells in the Irish language is available to view during Heritage Week. Event 3. A celebration of the influence of St. Colmcille on and the arts on the broader Irish culture is being brought to the public through 3 short films. These will be available to view on Culture Night on September 17th.

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