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Clarecastle on film in the 1950s

Clarecastle on film in the 1950s

Eric Shaw
Clarecastle & Ballyea Heritage & Wildlife Group

This project entailed the discovery and restoration of old cine-film taken in Clarecastle in the 1950s, which shows aspects of the village that have changed and, in particular, the unloading of ships at Clarecastle Quay.

The arrival of ships ceased in 1969, and the film captures the maritime history of the port of Clare in full colour.

Clarecastle is the fastest growing village in Clare and there are many people now living here who would be completely unaware of the importation of coal, timber and other products from England, the Baltic countries and Canada.

Other events linked to the quay such as the annual regatta are also captured in the film.

The film is an important archival item that will benefit the whole community and will be preserved for future generations. The film will also benefit up to 1,000 primary school children in the two Parish schools and will be a nostalgic reminder of times past for the older generation.

The organisers have also established a website, and Facebook and Instagram pages, where we display our collections of old photographs, publications, research documents, etc.

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Memories of Clarecastle, Co. Clare in the 1950s as filmed by Anthony Considine

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